You Own Your Own Business and the State Thinks You’re Rich


Many of us worry about losing it all in the later years of our life due to unforeseen medical expenses. These challenging circumstances have been repeatedly addressed throughout all segments of our society. Almost every day we hear stories from media, our government, and family gatherings around the kitchen table about families that have lost it all due to the costs of long term care. Unfortunately for some, their planning is too late. And unfortunately for all of us, our society has not been able to come to an accord on how to address these issues.

At Berger Estate & Elder Law P.A. these are just the type of solutions we create for our clients. It is our passion to serve our clients, helping them make the right decisions to prevent significant financial losses. Being able to share these stories is something we enjoy, because it doesn’t just retell an individual accomplishment, but it lets others know there are efficient and effective solutions available for others.

Kurt and Susanna Kindred spent a lifetime building their livelihood with a small farm and a few rental properties in the KC area. Susanna had a small inheritance form her parents set up in a trust and Kurt did as well. Susanna and Kurt both worked to build their small eclectic business with a passion and a desire to create a small legacy for their loved ones. Like many of us, The Kindreds felt like they had done everything they could to live out their dreams and plan for their future.

Unfortunately, as the years went by Susanna’s health started to decline. With increased medical expenses and the inability to personally care for all her needs, Susanna needed the services of a senior living community. Costs for Susanna’s care increased quickly and a lifetime of savings were running out. Almost out of options and after hearing about Berger Estate & Elder Law P.A. from a friend, Kurt called us.

With multiple accounts and properties it was not easy to qualify Susanna for Medicaid, but not being easy doesn’t mean impossible. Qualifying Susanna for Medicaid took a thorough accounting and reassessment of her and Kurt’s finances. However, after continued communication with the Kindred’s and the State Medicaid offices, Susanna’s initial application was denied.

Based off the sheer scope of the Kindred’s application, the State’s Medicaid offices might have been overwhelmed, because many of the Kindred’s business holdings, the State was misappropriating as personal assts. Knowing this and appropriately documenting it on our first application, we submitted an appeal. Quickly, the state reviewed our appeal and contacted our offices asking us to withdraw it. The State Medicaid offices had approved Susanna for Medicaid.

Because of such quick action on the denial we were able to get the Kindred’s approved just three weeks after their initial rejection. Although the application took 6 months before being approved, benefits were effective the date the original application was submitted. Obtaining this medical benefit reduced Susanna’s nursing home costs from $7,000 to $200. Yes, those zeroes, or lack thereof are correct.

After completing Susanna’s application, Kurt thanked us for going out of our way to help and care for his family, he even said it felt like we were running a ministry. Kurt’s comments, and joking aside, this type of relationship is what drives our firm. These are the relationships we come to work for everyday and is what we have a passion for.

Our offices have been serving Kansas City for over 30 years specializing in Elder Law, Estate Planning and Probate. Before you or one you love loses anymore unnecessary finances to long-term care or time with Medicaid worrying about if an approval will ever come, give Berger Estate & Elder Law P.A. a call at (913) 491-6332 or come by our offices for a free consultation.



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