Disaster Relief

Daryl Hudeck, Connie Aiden PhamThere is no doubt that many could not have predicted that such life changing events would occur over a large area of our country in such a short period of time. However, proper planning not only includes predictions of future events, but takes the action of planning ahead for them.  This is our responsibility being caretakers, executors and representatives for others in the areas of Estate and Elder Law, and is similar to the responsibility we all hold our local and federal municipalities to for natural disasters.

Time and time again, we have observed similar sequences of events occurring on an individual level with our clients and their families. These events often change the family dynamic emotionally and can lead to unwarranted disputes. However, when clients thoughtfully prepare Life and Estate Plans and keep current with regular reviews, their recoveries from individual and family emergencies are much more positive. You can’t prevent all disasters or emergencies, but you can prepare yourself and loved ones for them.

When a personal emergency such as a stroke, heart attack, disability or financial crises occurs, it takes financial planning, medical, and legal knowledge and expertise to effectively manage the situation. This is why, at Berger Estate & Elder Law P.A., we don’t just prepare plans, we are here to administer and manage them when disaster strikes.

We also help clients who unfortunately didn’t have plans prepared and find themselves in need of sensible solutions for serious problems. With over 30 years of experience, our firm has thorough knowledge of the legal system, estate administration, services for the aging, and financial wisdom that enables us to provide effective management and disaster recovery for our clients.

Many family disaster plans include a provision to teach their children when and how to dial 9-1-1 for an emergency. Amongst this guidance are explanations by parents as to which situations would elicit their children making such a call. These occurrences might include if a child observes an adult unconscious, if there is a fire or if there is a situation where it looks like someone may be hurt. These situations elicit a call to the police, because they are the first source to relay messages to in these types of emergencies, in order to properly guide someone through them.

If there is a fire, 9-1-1 will likely call the fire department. If someone in unconscious, they will likely call an ambulance and if there is an accident, they will likely dispatch police and an ambulance. In all of these situations the person answering the phone may not be the direct person who administers the response, but they make sure that person is on their way to help.

These situations are like the ones we hear about from clients when we answer the phone. Every week we receive multiple calls from individuals who say they were referred to us from a friend, attorney, financial or medical professional who has helped them in a particular situation. These situations may have been related to their financial or medical needs, but now they are needing assistance with circumstances that require a different response and are in need of an Estate and Elder Law attorney.

If you or your loved ones have been in an emergency situation where a friend or professional has suggested you call an Estate or Elder Law attorney, we would be privileged to have the opportunity to help assist you.

Berger Estate & Elder Law P.A. has been serving Kansas City for over 30 years providing Trusted Council with Proactive Solutions. Give us a call today at (913) 491-6332, visit our website berger-lawfirm.com or stop by our conveniently located offices at 11233 Nall, Suite 140 Leawood, KS 66211 for more information.


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